Creating a High Performing Team is Hard

BookClub helps teams build skills to tackle any challenge

It's tough out there for teams and their leaders

Is our team aligned to company goals?

Are our relationships strong enough to weather difficult conversations?

How do we work as well in hybrid as we did in person?

How do I know everyone is engaged here?

These challenges lead teams to innovate less, have lower trust, and deliver lower performance.

Let us help you strengthen your team!

BookClub will help you

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Tackle New Challenges Icon

Tackle New Challenges

Work better together icon

Work Better Together

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Perform at your Best

The best book clubs share the same
characteristics of the best teams.

How Does BookClub Work?

1. Select your Desired Goal

A man and a woman planning together in front of various icons
Cultive Manager Skills for the Future
A lady climbing up a ladder
Create a Culture of Connection & Belonging
Group of 4 people communicating with floating social media icons above them
Develop a Growth Mindset

2. Choose your Experience

Sparks per week
Discussion frequency
Every 2 weeks
Every week
Experience Length
12 weeks
6 weeks

3. Deliver the Experience

We provide everything you need to run an amazing experience, including expert created content and the platform to deliver the content in the format most accessible for your team.

4. Discuss and Apply

Use our discussion guides, surveys, and reports to help you apply what you learn.

Hear what our customers have to say

I liked the fact it's laid out that way, you know what to expect...I love this program—for me, it's been phenomenal.
BookClub turned me on to different ways of thinking and exposed my own inefficiencies. Example: I can look at a project and spend time telling myself I can't solve the issue, OR I can think about finding a solution. The amount of energy is the same, why not do the latter?
The most impactful thing for me was collaborating with those I don't normally interact with...we're already implementing 2-3 Insights with our team.
I enjoyed consuming these bite-sized pieces of a book. Though small, they packed a huge amount of flavor and content.
The content not only helped at work, but also in my personal life.

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