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Frequently asked questions

How extensive is BookClub's book catalog, and can it be customized to our needs?

BookClub offers an extensive catalog of over a thousand business non-fiction books. Customization options to tailor the selection to your specific needs are available exclusively with our Professional plan.

Are there options for monthly payments instead of an annual subscription?

Currently, we offer only annual subscriptions. However, the licenses under this plan are transferable, providing flexibility in reallocating resources as needed.

Will we incur any setup fees when starting with BookClub?

For groups with over 10 participants, we waive the setup fee. However, for smaller teams with fewer than 10 licenses, a setup fee may apply.

Is there a minimum requirement for the number of seats or licenses when subscribing to BookClub?

There's no minimum seat requirement, making our service accessible for teams of any size. However, for subscriptions with fewer than 10 licenses, a setup fee might be charged.

Does BookClub support custom integrations for enterprise-level clients?

Absolutely. With our Enterprise Package, we offer custom integration options to seamlessly blend our services with your existing systems and processes.

Can BookClub integrate with our existing Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

Yes, we offer integration with various LMS and LXP systems using SCORM and xAPI standards. Our technical team will assist in ensuring smooth integration.

Is it possible for BookClub to develop a tailored learning course for my team?

Definitely. Under the Enterprise Plan, you'll have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who can collaborate with you to create a customized learning path that aligns with your team's objectives and needs.

“BookClub has given us an unexpected yet powerful tool for team building. By giving us a shared language and space for insightful discussions, we've become more aligned and cohesive as a team.”

Angela Wu Li
Chief of Staff at Tango

"With BookClub doing all the heavy lifting, we quickly established a community where our team could discuss topics of interest. It was fast, easy, and tailored to our specific company and organization."

Richard Fletcher
Director Of Training And Development
Peach State Truck Centers

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