Aug 25, 2020

Falls Most Anticipated Reads

The dog days of Summer are almost behind us and Fall is quickly approaching and I am excited about the cooler weather and the cozy sweaters. What better way to welcome the change in seasons than with one of the hot, upcoming reads on this list? Whether you like memoirs, a spooky story, or even a good recipe from a new cookbook, all of the reads on this list will have you feeling warm and cozy inside. From August to November, all of the reads on this list will keep you busy all season long.

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One Life, Megan Rapinoe and Emma Brocks - PUBLISHING NOVEMBER 10th.

Written by Olympic gold medalist and two-time World Cup champion, Megan Rapinoe is arguably one of the world’s most talented athletes. But that’s not all she is, she’s also a large and driving force for social change. In her first memoir, she takes a look back on her life while inspiring readers to speak up about the things that matter in order to make the world a better place for all.

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Modern Comfort Food, Ina Garten- PUBLISHING OCTOBER 6th

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to experiment with tons of comfort food and rich dishes. If you, too, want to experiment with all kinds of good eats this Fall, check out Ina Garten’s latest cookbook. Full of tasty dishes like cheddar and chutney grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers with caramelized onions, and even tasty hashbrowns this cookbook is bound to become your bible this Fall.

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The Devil and the Dark Water, Stuart Turton- PUBLISHING OCTOBER 6th

When one of the world’s most notable detectives, Stuart Turton, is ordered to death by execution for a crime that he might have committed, he finds himself being transported to his death in Amsterdam by way of a ship. But when three passengers are marked for murder, including himself, he must solve the mystery plaguing the ship on the high seas. This is the perfect Halloween read.

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The Last Stargazers, Emily Levesque - PUBLISHING AUGUST 4th

Emily Levesque is an award-winning astronomer, and this biographical tale is full of stories about what it is like to stare up at the sky in the most remote corners of the world. After all, stargazers have been trying for centuries to solve some of space’s most complex secrets. You won’t forget this book!

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The Cold Millions, Jess Walter - PUBLISHING OCTOBER 6th

When Ursula The Great, a singer who can often be found performing with a live cougar introduces the Dolan Brothers to an incredibly powerful and crooked businessman, they quickly realize that he will stop at nothing to maintain power. Will the Dolan brothers ever be the same after run-ins with this powerful man desperate for wealth?

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Secret Santa, Andrew Shaffer- PUBLISHING NOVEMBER 10th

Lussi Meyer can’t help but think her coworkers find her to be a joke so when she is gifted a gnome at the company’s annual holiday gift exchange, this confirms her feelings to be true. But shortly after she opens the gnome, her coworkers begin to die of mysterious causes. Now she just has to decide if she wants to stop the gnome’s murder streak or not...

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The Invisible Life of Addie Larue, V.E. Schwab -PUBLISHING OCTOBER 6th

In 1714 a woman makes a deal for immortality but it comes with a cost: she is to be forgotten by everyone that she meets. Desperate to still find some way to leave her mark on society, she travels for three hundred years. But everything changes one day when a man she met in a bookstore remembers her name.

Which of these books is first on your must-read list this fall season?