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Showing Up for Your Team

This spark will help you understand why a safe space is important for receiving feedback.

Spark #
Showing Up for Your Team
What We're Talking About

The principle we're discussing

It's important as a leader to create a safe space for your team to be able to contribute and bring you feedback.

Why it Matters

Why this principle is important and matters to you

The biggest differentiator of successful teams, as seen by researcher Amy Edmondson, is psychological safety. Creating a psychologically safe workplace is important because it increases employee retention, fosters inclusion & empathy, and boosts creativity and innovation.

You can read more about how psychological safety decreases employee turnover here.

How You Can Use It

This provides practical ways to apply learnings from this Spark

When building trust and creating psychological safety within your team, the most important rule for you to follow as a leader is to listen.


An opportunity to reflect on yourself and/or your team and how you can apply these insights

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