Spark #

Pass the Ball

This spark will help you understand the problems of over-delegation and under-delegation.

Spark #
Pass the Ball
What We're Talking About

The principle we're discussing

Delegation isn't just about assigning tasks because you can't do it all yourself. It's a unique opportunity to raise the performance of your team and ultimately grow your business.

Why it Matters

Why this principle is important and matters to you

One of the challenges of leadership is understanding that there are delegation styles and the style that works for you may be a stressor for someone else. Being mindful in how you delegate is a skill.

How You Can Use It

This provides practical ways to apply learnings from this Spark

Change the way you think about delegation! Instead of a task list that needs to be completed, think about it as a growth opportunity for you as a leader and for your team.


An opportunity to reflect on yourself and/or your team and how you can apply these insights

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