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Upping Your 1:1 Game

This spark will help you understand the effectiveness of 1:1s.

Spark #
Upping Your 1:1 Game
What We're Talking About

The principle we're discussing

Victoria shares Insights into what an effective one-on-one may look and sound like for a leader. Effective one-on-ones are about the leader listening and learning.

Why it Matters

Why this principle is important and matters to you

One-on-ones are even more important in a post-COVID virtual environment. These regular meetings are an opportunity for a leader to create connection and encourage engagement with team members.

Leaders create conditions for others to choose a high or low level of engagement. Regular one-on-ones are critical because they promote:

  • Higher productivity & quality of work
  • Positive relationships and stronger engagement
  • Preventative problem-solving
  • A feedback loop
How You Can Use It

This provides practical ways to apply learnings from this Spark

Victoria discusses how you can lead an effective one-on-one. Leading an effective one-on-one isn't “new” news. They have, however, become a critical connection point between leader and employee in a virtual environment.

As a leader, up your 1:1 game by implementing the following recommendations:

  1. Schedule regular meetings and keep them
  2. Be fully present: put away distractions
  3. Pay attention to non-verbal cues (your employees and yourself)
  4. Ask open-ended questions
  5. Actively Listen
  6. Express gratitude
  7. Demonstrate empathy

An opportunity to reflect on yourself and/or your team and how you can apply these insights

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