Spark #

Setting the Standard

This spark will you understand how you, as a leader, set the standard and expectation through your behavior.

Spark #
Setting the Standard
What We're Talking About

The principle we're discussing

"What the leader values, gets valued."

You may not even realize how much influence you have on your team as their leader so it's important that you model the behavior you want them to emulate.

Why it Matters

Why this principle is important and matters to you

You set the standard for your team. When a leader models a behavior, it is often the single most powerful way for the team to do them. Employees really do spend more time watching the boss than most bosses realize. Everything about the way you lead is studied. That means every action you take is important.

How You Can Use It

This provides practical ways to apply learnings from this Spark

Ask yourself what behavior are you rewarding as a leader. Are you praising unhealthy work/life balance practices? Or are you celebrating good time management when your team wraps up their day on time?


An opportunity to reflect on yourself and/or your team and how you can apply these insights

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